Our Story

Our Passion is to Create Enjoyment for You

In 2013, mother/daughter duo, Kristi and Kelsie Risk, launched Diamond K Sweets and since then, we have been passionately innovating our fudge with one goal in mind: Make every experience for our customers memorable. We consider it an honor and privilege to make our products for your enjoyment. How did Diamond K Sweets come to be?

The family tree of sweet making extends many generations. Grandmother made various cookies and candies each Christmas, carefully storing them in air-tight containers until time to give as gifts (with a few being snitched from the jars every now and then). The Sugar Plum Fairy could not compare to grandma’s homemade goodies. One favorite she made was walnut fudge and she passed her love of fudge-making and “how-to” along to Kristi who in turn, shared her love of sweet making with her children.

Fast-forward to the present business: Kristi made fudge for Christmas gifts and people began to ask about buying it to give themselves. She had dreamed of owning a business and the thought occurred that maybe her love of candy making could become a business, but she didn’t want to make just plain fudge, she wanted to innovate this annual favorite and create a marketable product that could be enjoyed every day. Fudge O’ Bits® were born out of creative experimenting and thoughtful designing. Kristi and her daughter, Kelsie, joined forces and with the support of family, Diamond K Sweets became a reality where the family enjoys making sweet treats to share with customers. We take great care when thinking through the introduction of our flavors, using only the finest, supremely delicious, 100% blend of chocolate for coating (no hydrogenated palm kernel oil), real fruit and fruit juices, natural extracts for flavors as much as possible, and a whole lot of love. Our Fudge O'Bits® are never made using pre-made mixes. Part of what makes our product excel above others is the extra time we take to make small batches and attend to every detail. Fudge O'Bits®: an innovative twist on an old-fashioned favorite.

“Smiles Appear When Fudge O’Bits® Are Near”