In the wake of the current Coronavirus discussions, Diamond K Sweets would like to address the issue from our business standpoint.
1st - We want to extend our condolences to any people who have lost a loved one to this virus, as well as to the flu, an accident or any other form of death. Loss is, tragically, one of the unfortunate sorrows we must address in the wonderful journey called life.
2nd – We would ask that our friends, families, acquaintances and customers take a moment to step back and take a deep breath before reacting. Human nature tends to react in fear first, pause and stay calm last. Before rushing into a decision or acting in a manner that might negatively affect your life in the long run, please examine your situation.
3rd – Remember that America is not China. We do not live in the same conditions, we do not lack the resources that many countries do, we have a renowned health care system, the best medical facilities, more space per person and are by far, a much cleaner nation than many. We have resources available that many countries don’t, so what may be a crisis for one nation, may not be for another. That said, please, please, please, take this virus seriously and use caution, but don’t be unwise and inconsiderate of your fellow citizens. Buy what you need, don’t hoard. Share what you can, don’t be stingy. Put others first, and someone will put you first. Be kind and patient and don’t panic, because panic is what feeds the system of the greedy who gain from the overreaction of those who do not think before they act.
4th – We are still open for business. We are happy to report that we have candy, lots of it, and we are open to serve you. We are using precautions with our cleaning solutions, wiping things off more frequently, ensuring employees are healthy before coming to work and wearing gloves for everything. We will fulfill our online orders in a orderly fashion with the goal of you receiving the products as soon as possible.
Team DKS

Special Message from DKS Founder, Kristi:

Things are tough, but as my mom used to say when I would get down, “It could be worse.” We are with you in your frustration of these trying times, but we would like to take a moment to share something that is more contagious than COVID-19 or any type of Coronavirus…Kindness, Love and Generosity. Everyone is suffering, this is collective to us all, not selective to a few, but we are a unique species, we humans, and we can get through this. Here are some of key ways to make the sour Coronavirus situation a little sweeter….…

Be Kind - Share a kind post on FB. Send a card that let’s someone know you are thinking of them. Bake cookies and send them as a random act of kindness.

Show Love – It is so easy to become self-absorbed and to develop a “woe is me” attitude in times of struggle, but remembering that others are suffering, too, gives us an opportunity to remove the attention from ourselves to someone else. Take time to feel the pain of others and be a listening ear. Tell those closest to you how much you appreciate and love them. Use the time in “shut-down” mode as quality moments and memory making opportunities. Practice the art of forgiveness.

Share Generously – Have plenty of toilet paper and peanut butter? Leave a pack of paper or a jar of peanut butter in a sack on your neighbor’s doorknob. Pay a water or electric bill for someone (you can call the water or electric company and tell them you would like to contribute “X” amount of dollars to someone’s bill who is behind). Make eye-contact and smile at someone. Pass on a good book you loved to someone else. Put others first.

We wish you well and hope that when this quandary is over, each of us will have learned to value one another and our freedom, with a deeper appreciation.